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A new campaign lead by Norman Lamb is demanding equality in the treatment of mental and physical health. The former Liberal Democrat health minister has drafted an open letter to the government which highlights a lack of services, long waiting times and inadequate crisis care.

The letter draws on recent statistics highlighting that the physical health needs of those with mental illness are not being met including a 20 year gap in life expectancy. [for more on this from LGC click here]

Norman Lamb said: “People with mental health problems have always been seen as second class citizens. It’s an historic injustice which has to end.”

Signatories include: Olympians Sir Steve Redgrave, Dame Kelly Holmes. Football bosses Sam Allardyce and Alan Pardew. Actresses Dawn French, Emma Thompson and Joanna Lumley.

Emma Thompson Accredited to Garry Knight

Emma Thompson signatory
Accredited to Garry Knight

Joanna Lumley Signatory Accredited to See Li

Joanna Lumley Signatory
Accredited to See Li

The letter states: “We ask for the same right to timely access to evidence-based treatment as is enjoyed by those with physical health problems. We accept, and urge ministers to accept, that this will require additional investment in mental health services.”

You can show your support to end the inequality by following the link below: