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Today @timetochange launched their new campaign #smallthings. Small things aims to highlight the little things that people can do for friends and loved ones who have a problem with mental health.

The campaign comes just two days after a survey by YouGov revealed that 28% of people in England (nearly a third) say they would feel uncomfortable asking someone close to them about  mental health problems. With the top reason being “they worried that it would make the other person feel uncomfortable or embarrassed”

But speaking with a young woman who has suffered with depression and anxiety she said “with some people it helps to talk, it’s sharing the burden” As a sufferer she shared similar concerns to those polled “At first talking about my problems does make me feel uncomfortable because your worried people will think your being stupid. But them trying to understand can make it easier, even if they don’t understand”

But it’s not just friends and relatives of suffers who struggle to approach the subject. I spoke to a male in his 20’s, who has been suffering from anxiety for several years, who has finds it hard to broach the subject with people loved.

He said  “I think the main thing is a general fear that your letting them down in someway”

From personal experience I know that talking to someone about their struggles with mental ill-health can provide a huge amount of relief to both parties. It has the potential to bring down what is often an elephant in the room and open up a dialogue that can be a lifeline to someone who may find it difficult sharing feelings with others.